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Benefits of an Optimal Health Journey

… and The Advantage of Community Support

Join Us: February 16th @ 7:00pm CT

For nearly two decades, Montgomery Heart and Wellness has witnessed thousands of its patients and wellness clients succeed at controlling and reversing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory conditions and much more. However, many of them would relapse for various reasons, most commonly due to the overall lack of support. Historically, our scientifically validated nutritional interventions provided excellent instructions for individuals to optimize their health.
However, despite how effective our health instructions have been, we have come to realize that individuals with chronic illness need more. They need to have access to a community of like-minded individuals who are individually and collectively on a journey towards Optimal Health!

In this educational webinar, Dr. Montgomery will define MHW’s fundamental concept of Optimal Health and discuss the importance of individuals creating a lifestyle that is a Journey towards Optimal Health. After discussing the fundamental aspects of Optimal Health, Dr. Montgomery will provide an overview of MHW’s new health program, MHW Optimal Health Journey. Additionally, he will discuss the critical role that a community can play in and individual’s success towards achieving Optimal Health.

Key topics discussed will include the following:

  • What is Optimal Health?
  • What is a health community?
  • What are the key aspects of a health community?
  • How does this approach differ from other health and wellness programs?
  • How can this program help and individual achieve his/her goals … controlling a chronic illness, losing weight, reducing medications, etc.?
  • What are the key steps towards getting started?

You will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Montgomery and other members of the MHW health team. Dr. Montgomery will cover the aforementioned topics listed above in both a presentation and open discussion. This will be followed by an interactive session with questions being taken from the audience. Most importantly, you will be provided specific directions on how to get started towards taking control of your life.

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A Comprehensive Approach for a Healthy Life

When you suffer from a debilitating illness, your days are filled with pain, fatigue, constant doctor visits and even hospitalizations. You take your medications, but the symptoms remain. Surgery seems imminent, but what else can you do? It’s time to think beyond the script.

At Montgomery Heart & Wellness, we combine state-of-the-art medicine with a comprehensive health and wellness intervention for a more natural approach to treating chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. This unique health and wellness intervention utilizes a novel nutrition plan, specialized metabolic and genomic testing along with other noninvasive therapies to minimize the need for medications or hospital procedures.

The health and wellness team will monitor your progress to safely and gradually reduce the number of medications you take as your body heals naturally from the inside out. Improve your health and reclaim your life at Montgomery Heart & Wellness.

Dr. Montgomery is the cardiologist leading this charge to a new standard of practice-one that saves lives. Imagine if cardiologists all over America taught their patients about nutritional excellence as a means of treating heart disease? It would save an untold amount of suffering and human tragedy.

Joel Fuhrman, MD