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Empowering Individuals to Gain Freedom from Chronic Illness Enabling Optimal Health and…
A More Fulfilling Life

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Dr. Montgomery is a professional healthcare keynote speaker, board certified cardiologist, and lifestyle expert with more than two decades of experience helping individuals overcome severe chronic illnesses.

In his talks, he provide critical insights of the underlying causes of the vast majority of chronic illnesses. These insights empower individuals to make the necessary steps towards optimizing their health.  Practical approaches are shared to allow for actionable steps to be taken by the audience.  Lastly, Dr. Montgomery provides inspiring words of wisdom that serve as motivational stimuli to his audience to take action with the information provided.

Dr. Montgomery’s keynote presentation style is informative, entertaining, and engaging as he shares content on complex medical conditions that’s easily comprehended.  He creates interactive sessions with audiences of nearly any size with thought-provoking comments, rhetorical questions, and a warm sense of humor.

Dr. Montgomery has done many corporate wellness programs over the years! As a healthcare keynote speaker he puts his clients first. His background as a cardiologist gives him the unique experience that will help your audience understand how they can improve their health faster. He is one of the Chronic Illness speakers who knows his material!

As a healthcare keynote speaker, Dr. Montgomery makes sure to understand the needs of the audience. Medical or nutrition topics can have a major impact on your attendees. He is one of the medical keynote speakers who encourages a healthy lifestyle with all his presentations!   Based in Houston, he often travels for his talks. He is one of the healthcare futurist keynote speakers that has an extensive background in his field. Contact us today to book him to speak!

Although eating unhealthy food may be less expensive, it is by far more costly as it will cost you your health, wellbeing, personal time and eventually your overall quality of life.

Potential Healthcare Keynote Speaker Topics

Optimal Lifestyle
Learn to Create a Healthy, Enhancing Lifestyle

For most of us, our lifestyles are not developed intentionally, but haphazardly formed.  We go through an education process that’s busy and determined by our career objectives.  Over time, family, work, and other social responsibilities direct our focus outwardly.  We create daily habits that are detrimental to our personal survival. 

This informative talk provides an overview of the many suboptimal lifestyle habits.  The detrimental aspects of these habits are outlined and discussed in an interactive format. Key healthy lifestyle habits are discussed along with a strategy for obtaining them.  The audience will gain an understanding how to identify current detrimental lifestyle habits and their adverse health impacts.  They will learn to identify at least three healthy lifestyle habits they should adopt and a strategy for implementing them.

Overcoming Chronic Illness
Learn to Become Your Own Health Expert

What is Chronic Illness and what does it mean to have it?  In this talk, Dr. Montgomery discusses the definition of common chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.  The common underlying causes of these illnesses are outlined such that the audience will have a clear understanding of them and how to reverse these causes.  The audience will walk away with actionable steps to begin improving their health.

Creating Your Fountain of Youth
Learn to Get Older with Less Aging

In this healthcare keynote Dr. Montgomery outlines the difference between aging and getting older.  He discusses some of the key adverse physiological aspects of aging and how they can be prevented, slowed, or reversed.  The audience will obtain key insights on how to make the right lifestyle choices to enhance their health.


Dr. Montgomery will discuss how modern medicine is failing us. Despite our increasing expenditures on the current sick care system, we are getting sicker as a population. We will discuss how aggressive lifestyle health interventions and safe alternative health therapies can be used to prevent and reverse many of the most debilitating chronic illnesses.


Wow! Off my diabetes and hypertension medications in two short weeks. This is an incredible program. Thanks for giving me back control of my health & life.



This program was fun! I enjoyed watching my blood pressure improve. I have and will continue to recommend this program to family and friends.



I thought the program was challenging but rewarding at the same time. I was also happy with my weight loss and learning how to have more self-control.

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