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Frequently asked questions


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question here, please submit your question to our staff. Someone will respond within a week (most of the time much faster). Remember, every question is valid, so if you are unsure or do not know, please ask.

It varies depending on your health condition and the type of medications that you take. In one of our clinical studies, we showed a 40% reduction in medications within one month of placing individuals on our program. Some individuals will make faster progress and some slower.
It is a change, and, like most changes, it can be difficult at the beginning. However, as you follow the program your body will show you exactly how rewarding it will be, making it easier to follow. For some, this is a couple of days and for others it is a few weeks. That is why we provide the encouragement and support you need to make it through the difficult portions and achieve success.
Yes and no. The word supplement has a very wide meaning these days. We do recommend a couple of super foods that can be used to supplement your eating program. These foods are provided in their natural or near natural state without pasteurization or nutrient supplementation. We do not recommend the use of vitamins or other “supplements” over and above what can be considered a food. The two exceptions are plant-based B-12 and vitamin D supplements on an as needed basis.
Yes and no. Yes, it is more expensive than getting that 99 cent hamburger and 99 cent fries. No, it is not more expensive than preparing any other type of meal. We are here to help you see that eating healthy is not expensive or boring. Just like any other type of eating, you can make an expensive meal or you can make an extremely inexpensive meal. Although eating unhealthy food may be less expensive, it is by far more costly as it will cost you your health, wellbeing, personal time and eventually your overall quality of life. These tangibles are by far more valuable than a few dollars saved by eating a cheap, unhealthy meal.
Part of the design of this program is to support each participant. We not only tell you what to do, we provide the underlying explanations to help you make more informed decisions. We also show you how to succeed by providing food demonstrations at each session, showing you how easy it can be to make incredible-tasting food that is good for you as well. We also provide the opportunity to speak with and ask questions of the experts. Additionally, you can call or email us during the week with your questions. We understand that success is not an accident; it takes work, and sometimes we need some additional help to reach our goals ― Montgomery Heart & Wellness is here to provide the help.
These foods are satisfying to your taste buds initially, but they usually have adverse effects on your health. Over time they lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol and more. These chronic illnesses will cost you in finances, energy level and overall quality of life. It is important to remember that once you have been off of these foods for a significant period of time, you will lose the taste for them and no longer crave them.
Because this program does not create a doctor−patient relationship between a participant and Dr. Montgomery or Houston Cardiac Association, all medication adjustments must be made by the participant in conjunction with their prescribing physician. Individuals with medical problems who wish to be evaluated by Dr. Montgomery are welcomed to do so through the medical clinic.

No. The program is very easy to follow if you register for one of our designed programs or if you are a patient of ours. In either of these settings, you are provided with the needed structure and guidance to succeed.

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