Our discussion of each disease state will be broad and directed toward the lay person.  They are not intended to be exhaustive medical reviews.  I have linked comprehensive medical reviews of each topic within the respective section for individuals with medical backgrounds and a desire for more information.

After discussing the underlying cause of each disease state, we will provide our recommended nutritional support plan for that health condition.  Standard western medical therapies will not be discussed in this section unless they overlap with our nutritional support recommendations (vitamin D supplementation is an example of a treatment that is found in both western and alternative therapies). 

There are two key terms or phrases that will be used during our discussion of the different chronic illnesses.  They are inflammation and oxidative stress.



Inflammation is a biological process where part of the body’s immune system (white blood cells) react to foreign invasion of the body.  Such foreign invasion could be biological (bacteria, virus, etc.) or nonbiological (glass, dirt, metal debris, etc.).  For example, if someone falls on the ground and suffers a cut, their body may be invaded by bacteria, dirt, and glass debris that’s on the ground.  Their immune system will react to protect the body from these foreign invaders by sending white blood cells to the location of the cut and point of entry.  Inflammation will develop.

These white blood cells will send special chemical signals to recruit other cells in a “war-like” fashion to suppress the invasion. These cells and chemicals collectively have both a destructive and rebuilding effect at the site of the invasion.  The clinical symptoms are usually swelling, increased temperature, pain, and redness if it is at a visible location.


Red blood cell Chemical signals released by activated macrophages and mast cells at the injury site cause nearby capillaries to widen and become more


Fluid, antimicrobial proteins, and clotting elements move from the blood to the site. Clotting begins.


Chemokines released by various kinds of cells attract more phagocytic cells from the blood to the injury site.


Neutrophils and macrophages phagocytose pathogens and cell debris at the site, and the tissue heals.

This can be thought of as a biochemical fire.  Hence, inflammation is analogous to a biochemical fire.

• Inflammation = Biochemical Fire
• Chronic Inflammation = Slow Kindling Fire = Chronic Illness
• Acute Inflammation = Large Flare-up of Fire = Acute Illness


Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress is a condition where there is an excess amount of toxins known as free radicals compared to healthy molecules known as antioxidants.  The toxic free radicals are chemically unstable and move around in an unstable fashion, causing damage to normal cells and tissue within the body.  These free radicals are unstable because the are missing a particle known as an electron (negatively charged particles responsible for carrying electrical activity in the body).  They become stabilized and nontoxic when another molecule adds an electron (a sub particle with a negative charge) to them.  These electron donating molecules are known as antioxidants.

Examples of agents that cause free radicals consist of radiation, animal protein, processed foods, chemical food additives, extracted oils, etc.  Examples of antioxidants include unprocessed fruit and vegetables, liposomal vitamin C, and direct contact with the earth, to name a few.  Activities such as poor sleep, emotional stress, and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to increased production of toxins.

Hence, oxidative stress is the excess buildup of toxic chemicals in the body.

Oxidative Stress = Excess Toxins

Oxidative Stress = Excess Toxins

Natural Interventions for Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses are fundamentally similar. Therefore, our baseline health recommendations are designed to address these common abnormalities.  We will discuss our baseline natural health interventions in this overview with the more specific recommendations of each disease state.  These more specialized therapies are essentially an adjunct to our baseline recommendations and are not meant to be used in isolation.  Also, it is not our intention to try to describe every rare herb or other nutrient purported to be beneficial for a given ailment.  It is understood that there are many types of foods or nutrients with similar or overlapping beneficial properties. The discussion of such is beyond the scope of this review.  Lastly, none of our recommendations are meant to replace proper medical care by an individual’s dedicated physician.  

Our Baseline Health Recommendations for Chronic Illness:

All chronic health conditions share fundamental abnormalities.  These abnormalities are due to biochemical and physiological imbalances from underlying excess inflammation and oxidative stress.  Hence, the baseline health approach should address these underlying maladaptive processes. 

Our baseline natural health treatment recommendations for chronic health conditions is the following:

  • A Minimally Processed, Plant-Based, Antioxidant Diet
  • MHW Premium Greens with algae
  • High Dose Liposomal Vitamin C Supplement
  • Exercise: Preferably High Intensity Interval Training in the Outdoor Environment


A Minimally processed, plant-based (preferably 100% plant-based), antioxidant diet is fundamental to the reversal of chronic diseases.  This nutritional regimen supplies the body with large amounts of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, protein, fiber and much more.  These many nutrients, known and unknown, are organized in a way that allow for them to have a synergistic effect beyond their individual capabilities. The consumption of this type of diet replaces a more harmful, western diet that has a net toxic effect on the body.  This nutritional replacement process more than doubles the beneficial aspects of nutritional healing.

Our research and clinical experience for nearly two decades with thousands of patients have shown that the minimally processed aspect of the nutritional regimen is very important.  We have seen many individuals consuming a “healthy” or “vegan” diet that is filled with overly processed food.  The final condition of a food at the point of consumption determines its biochemical effects on the body.  Hence, spinach and okra are healthy in their natural raw state; however, if we were to fry them in oil and add preservatives to them, they would likely have harmful effects on the body rather than beneficial ones.

This minimally processed aspect of our recommended nutritional regimen is more precisely defined in our scientifically validated Food Classification System.

The blue-green algae super food is a special micro-alga compared to sea vegetables which are considered macro-algae.  The specific product we recommend is E-3Live (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA) is a superfood harvested from the pristine waters of Klamath Lake in Oregon.  This lake is positioned at the base of a volcano and its underlying floor consists of volcanic ash. Additionally, this region of Oregon is free of industrial pollution.  This allows for the E3Live algae to development with optimal nutrient density (growing in volcanic ash) and minimal to no chemical contamination. We generally recommend this super food in place of multivitamins or even prenatal vitamins for our female patients during their gestational periods.

We recommend the high dose liposomal vitamin C for its exceptional antioxidant effects.  Many antioxidants are beneficial because of their ability to donate an electron to an unstable free radical molecule (toxin) that has adverse effects on cells and tissues.  This electron donation stabilizes the unstable molecule, hence making it nontoxic.  This biochemical reaction is one of several that underly its detoxification properties.  Vitamin C is a small molecule with the ability to donate two electrons, doubling its antioxidant effects.  It is easily transported within cells to enhance cellular function. The liposomal formulation allows for the toleration of a larger oral dosage compared to other formulations.  Hence, an individual can consume around 10 gm of liposomal vitamin C orally compared to about 2 gm in other formulations due to diarrhea and other forms of GI side effects with these formulations.

There are numerous benefits of exercise that are common knowledge. Among them include increased muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular function and more.  Exercise also has a detoxification effect through improved blood and lymphatic flow.  Additionally, exercise causes an increase in oxidation resulting in a rebound antioxidation response from the body.  This process enhances the body’s intrinsic antioxidative processes.  High intensity interval training along with strength training allows for long term mobility, stability, and endurance.  Training outdoors allows for the natural benefits of exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and connection with the earth.  The associated benefits of this include natural vitamin D, fresh air, decreased EMF exposure, antioxidation of grounding with the earth and much more.

Hence, our baseline health intervention is designed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress collectively and synergistically.  In so doing, it provides a very effective baseline treatment for any chronic illness.  It is our opinion that the foundation of any “natural” or “holistic” approach to health should include this general approach.

Note: These recommendations are not meant to replace any indicated medical treatment. 

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