An online community supporting you on your journey to optimal health.

Our philosophy is that optimal health is a lifelong journey of ongoing physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The MHW Optimal Health Community helps its members navigate their individual journeys.

Included in your MHW Optimal Health Community membership, you'll find:


A variety of scientifically validated nutrition and fitness plans.


Expert guidance with live group coaching sessions provided throughout the year.


Recipes, food preparation and exercise videos.

General education videos.


A comprehensive “on demand” nutritional course for those who benefit from independent learning.

Escape the Sick Care System and Start Your Optimal Health Journey


For over two and a half decades, Montgomery Heart and Wellness has witnessed thousands of its patients and wellness clients succeed at controlling and reversing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory conditions and much more.

However, relapse sometimes occurred, most commonly due to an overall lack of personal support. Historically, our scientifically validated nutritional interventions provided excellent instructions for individuals to optimize their health.

Despite how effective our health instructions have been, we have come to realize that individuals with chronic illness need more.

They need to have access to a community of like-minded individuals who are on a personal quest and collective journey towards Optimal Health!

What does it mean to be part of a health journey with expert guidance and community support?

  • Develop Access to Reliable Sources of Health Information from World Renowned Health Experts
  • Create An Ongoing Connection with Like-minded Individuals Dedicated to Optimal Health
  • Obtain Help with Creating a Long-term Plan for Achieving Optimal Health


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  • Each member will gain access to interactions with other members of the community who are at different stages of their journey.


  • Community events will be held regularly with experts in the areas of nutrition, fitness, allopathic medicine, herbal medicine, yoga, holistic health and much more.


  • Recipes, health topics, success stories and challenges will all be shared in community conversations and exchanges.


  • The Community provides different membership levels in consideration of time and budget diversity.


  • Our minds, bodies and spirits constantly yearn for growth and enhancement. Join the MHW Optimal Health Journey today!


The MHW Optimal Health Community has two membership levels:



The latest up-to-date information about health topics, insights via community feedback and expert support.

  • General Health Topics – Gain insights on various health topics ranging from medical conditions, nutritional information, natural health remedies and much more. Obtain a global perspective on complex health issues. Formulate an in depth thought process, detailed questions, and gain valuable insight into various topics in the areas of science, medicine, health and wellness. Share your thoughts and obtain feedback from the community.
  • Food Procurement: Unveil the shortcomings of the commercial food industry and move toward empowered food procurement. Find food through ethical and nourishing routes, with options like farmers markets to get down to the roots of your recipes.
  • Recipes & Preparations Techniques: Dive into the process of meal planning and preparation, discover hearty and healthy recipes and develop a reservoir to pull from for consistent nourishment.
  • Workout Sessions – Embark on the process of optimal physical performance, utilizing fitness videos and other tools to support your body in reaching its highest state of vigor.
  • Current Events – Keep up-to-date on the latest health news with updates, tips, and event notifications. Access interviews featuring experts dedicated to your development.



If you are looking for more interactive live events and sessions, then consider our Inner Circle Membership. Inner Circle members will have more direct access to MHW team and health experts.

  • Clinical Case Study: New clinical case studies will be presented regularly, giving you time to fully integrate the wisdom that these stories offer for your personal journey.
  • Clinical Topics: Dive into new clinical topics every other month.
  • Weekly Wins and Challenges: Celebrate the journey together and learn from weekly success stories and challenges within the community. Embrace the collective aim of lifelong health! Gain insight and motivation through real-life experiences of others in the community.
  • Support Groups: Stay connected and weave your thread through the wellness tapestry by joining support groups dedicated to diabetes or heart disease, women’s groups and more.
  • Stump The Chump: You will have the opportunity quarterly to join Dr. Montgomery for a live session and get any of your questions answered. Bring your burning questions and gain expert insight in real time.
  • MHW Optimal Health Grand Rounds: Each and every month you will have access to a live discussion featuring one of our experts in the areas of science, medicine and health, devoted to sharing their wisdom and supporting you in your optimal health journey.

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