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In general, cancer consists of the abnormal growth of cells.  These cells typically originate from an initially genetically altered cell that has lost its capacity for controlled replication.  In the setting of a normal immune system, such cells can be suppressed early on, resulting in early termination of the cancer.  In the setting of an impaired immune system or persistent triggers of oxidative stress, cancerous cells could survive and progress to a clinically detectible disease state.Although we will not discuss the details of specific types of cancers, common cancers in men and women are listed in the table below.  Additionally, we have provided a link the Merck Manual’s excellent overview on cancer.

Estimated US Cancer Cases







MHW Approach to Patients with Cancer

The patients who present with cancer undergo a comprehensive clinical evaluation. Many of them have other chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and the like.  Many of them have undergone or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.  Such treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiation to the chest area) can cause or worsen cardiovascular disease.  Hence, a baseline, comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation is frequently needed for proper clinical management.

Our nutritional approach frequently consists of an aggressive nutritional detoxification regimen using food levels 0-4a or simply food level 0.  We frequently initiate aggressive micronutrient supplementation for the purpose of reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.  More specifically, we introduce oral and intravenous supplementation together for many of our patient with active disease.

The concept is to provide biochemical protection for the normal cells while allowing the cancer cells to be targeted by the chemotherapy treatment.  Also, our patients frequently tolerate the chemotherapy better than expected with our nutritional support program.    

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