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Optimal Health Programs


The MHW health programs collectively, are essentially a Navigation System for your Optimal Health Journey. Navigation systems help you determine your initial location and provide maps for various desired destinations. Similarly, our health programs help determine your current health location and provide maps to your various desired health destinations – off medications; more energy; greater fitness; better memory; better love life; and much more.

With any journey, a navigation system must provide stepwise directions and information on hazards and obstacles. We provide you with the needed directions for your various Optimal Health Journey destinations. Insights on and solutions to obstacles and hazards are provided along the way. As with any navigation system, our health programs are designed for ongoing, continual use for your life-long Optimal Health Journey.

Every long journey begins with a first step. Take your first step today!


Are you ready to start your Optimal Health Journey?
You don’t have to be alone anymore. If you've been struggling to improve your health but don't know who to trust and which solution is right for you, then we can help. You can book a 20-minute preliminary assessment call with an MHW team member to help you better understand how our services can help you succeed at meeting your health goals.

Be prepared to share your current health concerns and goals with our team member. We will be glad to help you design your strategy for achieving optimal health. Schedule your call today and let us help you create your Fountain of Youth!


This program is ideal for individuals who desire direct interaction with the health and wellness team up front in addition to having a structured program they can follow independently.

The healthy lifestyle series provides the participant with one year access to the food Rx nutrition plan and all of its benefits.  It consists of five virtual meetings with our health and wellness team discussing various topics ranging from optimal nutritional detox, fitness, special health practices such as grounding, yoga, and specially designed fitness plans, among other things.  The individual who participates in this program is afforded a comprehensive road map toward developing a lifelong healthy living plan.

Additionally, exercise prescriptions, food prep videos, numerous recipes and meal plans are included with this program.  Other educational video content includes expert panel sessions discussing things such as avoiding the dangers of EMF, removing toxins in your home and much more.

Food Rx Elite Coaching

This program is ideal for individuals who would benefit from personalized direction from Dr. Montgomery up front and lifetime access* to our other programs. The Elite Coaching Program provides the most personalized guidance of all of the Food Rx Wellness plans.  Dr. Montgomery leads the health and wellness team in providing detailed health plans based on individual needs. The team will review any personal health and wellness information provided such as medical records or food preferences.

Participants in this plan have lifetime access to both the Food Rx Nutrition Plan and the Food Rx Healthy Lifestyle Series. With four one-hour virtual sessions with Dr. Montgomery, participants are afforded a lot of personal attention to have their questions answered and customized planning provided.

*Lifetime Access (see terms and agreements for details)

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