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Getting Started
Achieving optimal health is an ongoing journey and getting a good start is important to any journey!  The Food Rx Optimal Health Programs collectively serve as a navigation tool for your journey to optimal health.  We have four well-structured integrated programs designed to support individuals at any stage of their health journey.  The Food Rx Jumpstart Course is designed as a trial program for individuals new to this approach.  Our other programs from Rebuild to Healthy Lifestyle and Elite are all designed to enhance, guide and empower you during your journey towards optimal health. Review the information below and select the program best for you.  If you have any further questions, schedule a call with us to assist you with getting started.  Either way, we look forward to working with you in your lifestyle journey! Details of these programs are described below:

Food Rx Jumpstart Course

This program is ideal for individuals who have no experience with plant-based eating or nutritional detox.

It allows you to “sample” this lifestyle with a 10-day nutritional detox meal plan guide.  With this simple, fast, and effective nutrition plan, you will get excellent results quickly.  This program can serve as a steppingstone into some of her more extensive programs.

Many individuals have never been introduced to the concept of nutritional detox.  The Food Rx Jumpstart Course provides just that, a jumpstart into the concept of optimal nutrition for the sake of optimal health.  This program is complete with video instructions from Dr. Montgomery on the concepts of the importance of a nutritional detox as well as stepwise instructions on how to get started.  It’s complete with a 10-day menu plan with recipes to get you off to a fast start with immediate results.

Food Rx Nutritional Rebuild Course

The Food Rx nutrition plan was designed for individuals who know that they are ready to make a definitive change in their life and would benefit from a structured program to follow independently with assistance as needed.

This program has been built on a scientifically validated food prescription plan.  It contains a large number of video nutrition presentations by Dr. Montgomery along with recipes, food demonstration videos, and stepwise instructions on how to perform a nutritional cleanse and maintain it.  Additionally, participants in this plan has access to a community support group, regular call sessions with the wellness team and other expert support.

This program is ideal for the individual with a busy schedule and needs the flexibility to work on their own as well as have access to our wellness team if and when they need it.  As the name implies, this program allows for a comprehensive biochemical and physiological rebuild within your body.  We have seen the success of thousands of individuals with this program for nearly two decades.  Don’t let chronic illness hold you back, start your rebuild today!

Food Rx Healthy Lifestyle Series

This program is ideal for individuals who desire direct interaction with the health and wellness team up front in addition to having a structured program they can follow independently.

The Food Rx Healthy Lifestyle Series provides the participant with one year’s access to the Food Rx Nutritional Rebuild Course and all of its benefits.  It consists of five virtual meetings with our health and wellness team discussing various topics ranging from optimal nutritional detox, fitness, special health practices such as grounding, yoga, and specially designed fitness plans, among other things.  The individual who participates in this program is afforded a comprehensive road map toward developing a lifelong healthy living plan.

Additionally, exercise prescriptions, food prep videos, numerous recipes and meal plans are included with this program.  Other educational video content includes expert panel sessions discussing things such as avoiding the dangers of EMF, removing toxins in your home and much more.

There are so many complex components of a completely healthy lifestyle, that it can be overwhelming and frustrating to try to master alone.  This program helps you put it all together in a comprehensive and effective way.  First and foremost, Lifestyle Series brings you into a community of like-minded individuals and experts to provide you the support, insight, and motivation for your optimal health journey.

Food Rx Elite Coaching

This program is ideal for individuals who would benefit from personalized direction from Dr. Montgomery up front and lifetime access to our other programs.

The Food Rx Elite Coaching Program provides the most personalized guidance of all the Food Rx courses and programs.  Dr. Montgomery leads the health and wellness team in providing detailed health plans based on individual needs. The team will review any personal health and wellness information provided such as medical records or food preferences.

Participants in this plan have lifetime access to both the Food Rx Nutrition Plan and the Food Rx Healthy Lifestyle Series. With four one-hour virtual sessions with Dr. Montgomery, participants are afforded a lot of personal attention to have their questions answered and customized planning provided.

MHW brings the experience of working with thousands of patients for nearly a quarter of a century to this Elite Counseling program.  This program brings the full resources of MHW’s health and wellness team led by Dr. Montgomery himself to serve as your guide to facilitate you in your journey to optimal health.  When you need the best, GO TO THE BEST!  Join the Food Rx Elite Coaching Program Today!

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"American medicine needs to change its focus. Medical practice has become a process of prescribing medicines and procedures to treat the side effects of the bad foods we eat. The key issue for true health is a healthy lifestyle, and the core of that lifestyle is optimal nutrition. That needs to be the focus of our practice.

It is my belief that families pass down diseases more effectively through recipes than through genes. Instead of struggling to untangle lethal genes, we should work to untangle the lethal recipes that are killing us."

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