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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Services

MHW’s services have been designed to meet the needs of individuals from a broad spectrum of health conditions. Our clientele is global, and their health needs are broad. Our service lines cover conditions ranging from simple health evaluations, online wellness coaching, comprehensive clinical diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions to intensive in-patient hospital care for the most critically ill.


Integrative Medicine is a clinical approach that combines Western Medicine with alternative therapies considered to be holistic in nature.  This approach has been found to be highly effective in individuals with complex medical problems requiring extensive medical and surgical intervention.

For example, we frequently see individuals with severe chronic illnesses requiring as many as 15-20 medications including insulin injections.  They may also be close to needing dialysis or a heart or kidney transplant.  Hence, a patient in this condition would also benefit from a holistic therapy such as a nutritional intervention; however, complex Western Medical treatments such as medications and potential procedures cannot be immediately withdrawn.  Therefore, the Western Medical therapies must be managed and carefully weaned while holistic therapies are added in an integrative manner.

Because our patients present us with a wide variety of health problems in different stages of illness, it is difficult to describe a typical patient. However, our standard approach is to initiate a comprehensive, detailed medical evaluation consisting of imaging tests, biomarker measurements of the blood and urine, and functional tests.  Initial interventions consists of the utilization of our Proprietary Food Prescription Therapy along with an assessment of the patient’s medication requirements.  These interventions are usually initiated within the first two office visits depending on the patient’s preference and clinical needs.

Our clinical protocols are as broad and varied as our patients.  More critically ill patients are usually started on a nutritional detox regimen along with a medication weaning plan. Some patients may need hospitalization during the course of their treatment based on their clinical condition.  Our Center utilizes intravenous infusions for hydration and micronutrient supplementation.  Specialized meal plans are tailored to meet the patients’ clinical needs and dietary preferences.  Early in the treatment regimen the patient’s clinical follow-ups (both office and telemedicine visits) are relatively frequent, ranging from once every 2-3 days to weekly or monthly, depending on a patient’s clinical needs.


The vast majority of our more complex patients require the combination of our CardiovascularVirtual Health, and Nutritional Services.  The juxtaposition of these capabilities is brought about by our state-of-the-art health facility which is fully equipped to fulfill these capabilities.  Our on-site Nutrition Center consists of a fully equipped restaurant and miniature grocery store.  The Virtual Health Center is specially equipped to allow for remote patient monitoring.  The Cardiovascular Center provides cardiac circulation therapy, vein treatment, cardiac imaging, and cardiac stress testing.  Special blood tests are done for early evaluation of cardiac disease, vitamin and mineral levels, microbiome condition, and hormone levels. 

Our Integrative Medical program was developed over a period of more than two decades. It is uniquely designed to afford individuals of nearly any disease type and illness level the possibility of natural healing. The scientific validation of our program further substantiates its effectiveness.  Despite our current levels of success, we continue to improve our capabilities with ongoing program developments and scientific investigation.


Our clinical services have been designed to meet the needs of individuals with a broad spectrum of health conditions. We serve a global clientele with a broad spectrum of health conditions. We provide everything from simple health evaluations and online wellness coaching, to comprehensive clinical diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions to in-patient hospital care for the critically ill. These comprehensive health care services are provided through one or more of our four major service lines: Integrative Cardiovascular and Functional Medical Therapeutics Services; Virtual Health and Telemedicine Services; Health and Wellness Services; and Nutritional Services.

Integrative Cardiovascular and Functional Medical Services

We are uniquely capable of helping individuals with complex medical problems transition from excess medications and medical procedures to natural health interventions.

  • Management of Complex Medical Problems – Heart Failure, Diabetes, Cancer, Etc.

  • Onsight Cardiovascular Threatments

  • Utilizes Natural Healing Techniques and Medication Weaning in a Controlled Setting

  • Onsight Advanced Non-Invasive Cardiovascular and Biomarker Testing

  • Subacute Care with IV Infusions for Hydration and Diuretic Therapies

Virtual Health Center

Our established patients benefit from having a seamless connection to our clinical expertise from the comforts of their home or work.

  • Easy and Convenient Access to the Clinical Team for Established Patients

  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities for Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weights and Activity Levels

  • Clinical Data Evaluation and Reporting for Longitudinal Care of Critically Ill Patients

  • Access to Express, Convenient Scheduling of Clinic Appointments and Testing as Needed

Nutritional Services

The scientifically validated food prescription health interventions provide the foundation of our holistic approach to patient care. 

  • State-of-the-Art Facility with Free Parking and Onsite Nutritional Restaurant

  • Delicious Meals Served A La Carte or as Weekly or Monthly Meal Plans

  • Oral and IV Supplements of Vitamins and Minerals for Micronutrient Deficiencies

  • Grocery Plans for Onsite Pickup and Delivery Services

  • Nutritional Counseling and Meal Planning Services

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