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Think about this. You believe you’re eating healthy. You work out at home or even go to the gym everyday but something just isn’t feeling right. You always lack energy and deal with stomach issues which keep you from enjoying your life. Then, you’ve heard about detoxification. People have been doing it for ages and now you’re thinking if it’s something you can try to help you balance your body and mind. Should you?

At Montgomery Health and Wellness, aside from medical care, we also focus on improving people’s health with nutrition. We believe in the importance of detoxification to prevent more harmful diseases. Our nutrition detox course is one best ways to reboot your health and assist you in reestablishing healthier food behaviors. 

nutrition detox course

While our body can naturally detoxify itself, it needs help, especially with how we’re more exposed to toxins than ever before. Now, if you’re still unsure if detoxification is right for you, keep reading because this article can help. Learn the signs your body can use a detox, and some effective ways to do it. 

Detoxification, which has been practiced for centuries by societies all over the world, including those that follow the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems, focuses on resting, cleaning, and nourishing the body from the inside out. 

Detox can also help you prevent chronic diseases and restore your capacity to maintain optimum health. But how can one detox their body naturally? Below are five effective ways to do it. Make sure to take notes! 

Remember, the liver is the one responsible for expelling alcohol out of your body. Regular drinking makes your liver REALLY BUSY to remove other toxins since it still has to take out alcohol and its byproducts from your system. Not to mention that drinking too much over time might harm your liver’s ability over time to eliminate waste naturally.

If you really want to help your health by reducing the weight of naturally occurring toxins, cutting back on or even quitting alcohol for a while is beneficial. 

Some research associate high intakes of sugary and highly processed foods to obesity and other chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  Apparently, these conditions impair your body’s ability to naturally cleanse by hurting vital organs like your liver and kidneys.

Same way with consuming too much salt, your body retains excess fluid which can cause constant bloating and abnormal feelings. So, one way to detox is to cut back and drink more water instead. According to a study published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, drinking more water incredibly helps in nutrient absorption and digestion. 

Physical exercise is essential to your body’s detoxification process. Even thirty minutes a day can boost your metabolism, allowing extra calories and waste to be handled more quickly. 

Better still, try to build up a sweat since this is one of the body’s most reliable ways to get rid of toxins. Exercise is not only a fantastic way to detox the body in general, but it is also crucial for targeting stubborn fat in places like the thighs and belly as well as for removing cellulite.

What’s more, exercise also helps in your emotional and mental detoxification. It makes people less stressed and energized resulting in a version of you that focuses on a healthier lifestyle.

What you might need more than anything is a restful night’s sleep if you’re feeling drained, burdened, anxious, hungry, or in need of a detox. Not simply so you can wake up refreshed, experts advise obtaining seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night. 

While we sleep, our body’s natural detoxification processes work their hardest to remove dangerous waste products, including the stress hormones that contribute to weight gain. Long-term sleep deprivation has been associated with obesity, anxiety, and an increased risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 

By definition and design, ultra-processed foods include a variety of chemicals and preservatives. Your risk of having a condition that can impair your body’s capacity to properly detoxify increases the more of these overly processed foods you consume on a daily basis (think sodas, hot dogs, packaged cookies, and fast food). To put it another way, giving up junk food is a form of “detox” you can do with only good results.

You can feel better without going through a rigorous juice cleanse by replacing processed foods—which lack the nutrients your body requires—with more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

Now that we’ve given you a list of efficient natural detox techniques, use them to your advantage to achieve a healthy body and mind as well as smooth, supple skin!

What Are the Signs You Need a Detox?

Numerous court cases and decades of research have shown that environmental toxins can have an impact on a wide range of bodily functions, including immunity, metabolism, hormones, reproductive health, and mental and brain function. 

When you add that to a poor diet, nutrient inadequacies, insufficient sleep, the use of pharmaceuticals, a lack of exercise, and mental stress, it is a total health disaster! It makes sense that the majority of us have poor health most of the time. 

Perhaps pressing the pause button and giving your body some time to purify, regenerate, and renew isn’t such a crazy idea after all. Detoxification is a great way to remove toxins in your body. In fact, several “detoxes” claim to have lasting effects, such as increased energy and the disappearance of a number of symptoms.

Now, what are the signs you could use a detox? Medical studies reveal constant fatigue as the number one sign you need a detox. Other symptoms are digestive problems, weight issues, frequent headaches or migraines, muscle aches and pains, inflammatory conditions, etc. 

Toxins enter our bodies from the environment in a number of ways, including breathing, eating, and drinking. It’s crucial to understand the symptoms so you can determine whether or not you are experiencing a toxic load.  This will help you know when it’s time to step back and “reboot” your systems.

What Is the Difference Between Detox and Cleanse?

Detoxification and cleansing are extremely similar in meaning and objective. However, a detox is typically a little more restrictive than a cleanse. Anyone who wants to eat to promote detox without the rigidity or constraints of a stricter detox diet would benefit from a cleanse. Normally, a strict detoxification program will forbid you from eating all grains, including quinoa and oats. Some would completely exclude solid food!

This is a situation we’re trying to avoid at Montgomery Health and Wellness. We focus on the process and not on the results. We offer our patients a natural and safe detox plan proven to provide lasting results. You won’t have to starve, we promise! You’ll learn to listen to your body more which is the most important part of detoxification. 

Add to Your List: Check Out our Food RX Jumpstart Course

Your body is a marvel. It enables you to carry out a variety of activities, such as driving to work, eating delectable meals, strolling through the city, and having fun with friends. During these activities, you might not be aware that your body is daily exposed to tens of thousands of hazardous chemicals. 

After years of living with these dangerous pollutants, you might start to experience some modest signs as mentioned above. These poisons risk damaging your internal organs or possibly will make you sick if they aren’t finally eliminated from your body. 

Montgomery Heart and Wellness offers the Food RX Jumpstart course, with you and healthy detoxification in mind. The program includes a natural, safe, and effective detox plan + maintenance plan that focuses on nutrition – which is always our goal whatever service we provide to our clients. It has been medically shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, diabetes reversal, improvement of blood pressure, and of course, detoxification.

If you want to reap the full benefits of detoxification, you deserve the best nutritional detox plan that will take your health needs into account. 

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