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Let’s Talk Food Hangovers

Foods associated with traditions and holidays can be hard to refuse.

What did you do this July 4th? If you’re like the majority of Americans, your holiday celebrations probably included hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, or potato salad. It’s nearly impossible to attend a July 4th party or get-together that doesn’t feature all manner of classic American fodder, regardless of its nutritional value.

Even if we did manage to avoid the grill this July 4th holiday, we’ve all had them: those meals where we abandon all of our nutritional virtues because, well, steak has made an appearance at the dinner table. Or maybe steak isn’t your trigger food; maybe it’s a slice of red velvet cake calling your name, or a large bowl of queso that your friends insisted on ordering at happy hour. For those of us well-practiced in avoiding unhealthy foods, dietary slip-ups still happen from time to time. But after you’ve had a big meal full of greasy, sugary foods, what then? Your body will end up paying for it.

That feeling of being queasy, bloated, sluggish, or otherwise unwell after having a nutritionally poor meal is what I call a “food hangover.” Like a traditional hangover, a food hangover is the result of putting food into your body that is essentially toxic to your health. It’s also a way for your body to warn you against eating more of those toxic foods. Any overly processed foods, animal products, foods cooked in oil, or foods containing added preservatives and chemicals can cause a food hangover. Experiencing a food hangover isn’t fun, but it is instructive. It’s a sign that your food choices need to get back on track, so your health can follow suit.

fruits and vegetables 2
Choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

The best way to deal with a food hangover is to get back to basics: drink lots of water and raw juice to hydrate your body. Make your meals out of fresh fruit smoothies and salads. The more colorful your fruit and vegetable choices, the better; you’ll be filling your body with the nutrients it needs to get back to drive away that food hangover and get you back to optimal health. Practice making good food choices in every setting, whether it’s at home, at work, or out with friends.

Whatever the cause, there are times when the self-control we thought we had flies out the window and foods that would normally be considered “off-limits” flies into our mouths. And our health suffers because of it, if not immediately afterwards, then within the next day or so. If we allow our poor food choices to snowball after one bad meal, we could be damaging our bodies for much longer than a couple days. Therefore, it’s important to take care of our bodies to limit the effect of bad food choices. The more you choose healthy foods over toxic foods, the easier it’ll be to keep up the good habits. Your body will thank you.

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If you desire a refund for a product from Montgomery Heart & Wellness, you can return the unused and unopened product and receive credit for the amount you were charged for that product. You can use this credit for any product or service we offer. We do not give monetary refunds.

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