Is It Time For A Health Intervention?

Detox Me Now is a comprehensive health program that combines a natural nutrition plan with state-of- the-art medical therapies. The program is an integrative medical, health and lifestyle intervention that enables individuals to achieve optimal health through natural lifestyle changes. During the 4-week health intervention, the clinical progress of each participant will be carefully tracked in our cardiovascular medical, health and wellness center. Additionally, each participant’s personal experiences will be captured on camera from the beginning to the end of the detox program. Each individual selected as a finalist to participate in the program will be provided with four weeks of Garden Kitchen food and other nutrients needed to complete the detox. 

Basic Nutritional Intervention Overview: 

  • Initial 4 week detoxification period – a nutritional cleansing diet
  • Medication weaning as necessary

Potential Medical Evaluations and Interventions 

  • Blood Tests at baseline, 4-5 weeks and three months 
  • EKG 
  • Echocardiogram Stress 
  • Testing Heart Scans and more 


  • Individuals with chronic health problems who have never participated in a nutritional intervention by MHW 
  • Adults of ages 18-80 
  • Must meet administrative screening criteria of MHW 
  • Must reside or be willing to reside in Houston during the 5-week program

Enrollment Process:

  • Complete online enrollment application (request an application below) 
  • Provide three references online 
  • Complete telephone interview if necessary 

Detox Me Now Appilication Requst Form 

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